Listeners, it's time to check out some wild things that may or may not be bumping in the Canadian night! It's an episode on Canadian Cryptids that wander the lands, maybe existing possibly! Then, a little bit of news and a whole lot of thanks as Lilly and Krista sign off for the last time.

It's been such a treat, listeners, getting to be in your ears as 36 Times, a Canadian True Crime and Comedy podcast. We've come a long way from our first efforts and we're glad to have got to share this podventure with you. New projects are in the pipes, and we're looking forward to sharing something new and fresh with you when it's ready, but until then...

We've been Lilly and Krista. Byeeeeeee.

You can contact us at: 

@36timespodcast on Twitter and Instagram, and we're on facebook! With a bonus group page message thing aka discussion group

Intro music  is by We Talk of Dreams & Kooky Crime's song is by Petros! Exciting!

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