Listeners! It's news! We're changing! As the announcement says, we're shaking things up here at 36 Times--don't worry, though, we're still here, and still looking forward to talking true crime with you all! 

We were getting close to losing the joy that podcasting was bringing us, so we decided to adjust accordingly. Instead of our usual case + kooky, the new episodes will feature discussions on researched topics each of us bring to the table (and of course, still something kooky!) The new format will feature discussions of such topics as mental health procedures in our system, military massacres of Canada's pasty past, and what Canada's only form of capital punishment ever was. This doesn't mean we won't cover cases--how can we help ourselves!--but it will mean a more open field for us to pull from for our biweekly episodes.

We will be back in July (on Canada Day, whoop whoop!) after a brief hiatus with new content and a new format, and we hope to see you then! For those of you who have been with us since the beginning, thank you for getting this far, and for those of you just joining us, welcome, and see you soon with something different but familiar come July!

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