Listeners, it's Lilly's week and she brings you the story of Candice Foley, a woman who didn't give up her case against a dastardly doctor, Dr.John Schneeberger. Krista then lightens the mood with the tale of a man who wanted only to bring joy to the lives of his friends and family but instead brought down a plague of pests on an unsuspecting hotel cleaning lady.

Check out the following links for sources!

A wiki entry, for starters!

Sask. Doctor Sentenced for Rape,

The Endless Nightmare of Lisa Dillman

Saskatchewan's Sexual Assault Doctor Now in South Africa  

Two books, Justice Denied: Extraordinary Miscarries of Justiceand Sour Milk and Other Saskatchewan Crime Stories 

A dubious made for TV movie was made, here is a montage from it!

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