Did you know? According to an internet meme we once saw, you will cross paths with a murderer 36 times within your lifetime? Is it true? We don't know, we just thought it would be an interesting name for a podcast...

Hello and welcome to 36 Times, our little Eastern Canadian podcast about all things Canada and Crime! We're your hosts, Lilly and Krista, two lovely ladies who enjoy all the true crime All of it!  So, we thought to ourselves why not create a podcast? We are clearly hilarious (and modest!) and oh-so-Canadian, so we put them together and made this little gem.

Each week, we talk a different Canadian case and wrap it up with something ridiculous that has happened in our home and native land. From mass murders to altercations at the local Tim's, we make up our podcast with Canadian Crime Content!

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Lilly & Krista