Hi there, listeners! It's Lilly, and this week, I take on the episode solo! I'm covering the story of Francis Mackey, a man who piloted one of the ships involved in the Halifax Explosion, and what followed after that dreadful day in December, one hundred years ago this year! Also, a little kookiness follows when a man decides the best thing he can do is say sorry after causing havoc in a small town in B.C..

I just want to thank you again for your patience this week, and your kindness! You are all the best.

A lot of the research that went into this episode comes from seeing a very talented researcher speak--check out her article on the case here!

Interested in finding out more? Why not hit up CBC and their archive?

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Intro music ('I'm Going For a Coffee') by Lee Rosevere & Kooky Crime's song is by Petros! Exciting!

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